Antti Merikoski

Digital and Ecommerce Business Leader, Digital Advocate, Passionate Business Developer

My Passion

I am passionate in my work as digital business development leader, whether it is about redefining customer experience, rethinking processes or exploiting new technologies.

My work is about leading the fundamental changes that organization is facing when starting to leverage digital technologies and specifically creating new customer interactions and businesses.

I strongly value my several years practical hands-on work experience on ux/ui design, ecommerce administration, project management, process design, business planning and digital marketing, because that experience has given me strong foothold to work successfully in my current role as digital business leader.

My Philosophy

Failure is my greatest success

I have failed and you need to fail to succeess. There is no other way than failure to really understand when you have successeeded and really see how far you can go and far you can push the boundries.

Dream big and innovate!

Sometimes the greasiest and most simple ideas are the ones that drive the success. Allow your self to dream big and think outside the box.

Respect values and people

Strong values and respect of people makes organisation lasting and great place to work. Values guide organisation to make better decisions especially in difficult times.

Have fun!

Life is too short to be serious all the time. Have fun, seek happiness and keep smiling. It is allright to be geek sometimes!

My work

I have been digitalizing businesses for over a decade

I have an extensive experience both in B2C and B2B digital strategies, leading digital services and ecommerce.
I have been transforming and leading change in global organizations.